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Alza Tu Rostro Article Count:  1

In 2000 the foundation received funding from The Border Health Initiative in order to promote a year-long gender equality program called "Alza tu Rostro" in the Mexicali public school system.

Health Courses Article Count:  1

Postbaccularate degree programs offered by the Anisa Foundation, approved by the Autonomous University of Baja California and the Secretariat of Public Education.

Tlacoa - Musical Group Article Count:  1

Tlacoa began in the during the Popular Mexican Music guitar classes, part of the classes offered by the University Extension of the Autonomous University of Baja California in 1993. Originally, in 1990, it was called Guyacán and had twelve members. After various adjustments it ended up with from six to nine members who participated in the university Mexican Folklore Music Workshop and then in 1997 separated from the university. From its beginnings the Anisa Foundation has supported Tlacoa as part of its artistic education area and they have worked together to this date.

Kenworth Article Count:  1

 From time to time the foundation is called upon by this, one of the largest manufacturing companies in Mexicali, to provide health and prevention courses to its personnel.

Moral Education Training Article Count:  1

The moral leadership program, adopted from the Núr University´s Moral Leadership program enables individuals to reflect on the different values needed to live a life of service to humanity. It can be taken as a one hour overview, in modules of about one week each or as a university program for a semester.

S.A.T. Article Count:  5

Tutorial Learning System (Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial)

The Anisa Foundation has been in the process of implementing the pre-youth training in rural service (S.A.T. - Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial - Tutorial Learning System) a junior high school and high school educational system which includes education in farming, animal husbandry, poultry raising and community service (specifically, classes in basic health and in teaching reading and writing) within a context of sustainable development which has been developed and implemented by F.U.N.D.A.E.C. in Cali, Colombia since the 1980s.

Ceneval Article Count:  1

Youth and adult tutoring in order to be able to take and pass the Mexican G.E.D. equivalent, given every six months.

Building Communities Article Count:  1

Since 1996 several of the Foundation's members have been involved in a process to understand and implement a program which creates capacity in individuals to enable them to work together to build the type of community that they want.  This process has now reached a stage where the Foundation would like to ask for volunteers to move it forward in a more energetic manner.