Through your good wishes and prayers, both of which are very necessary.

Through volunteering. The Foundation is also looking for individuals who are interested in community development, web page maintenance, grant search and writing, promoting virtues classes among children, pre-youth and youth and who especially speak Spanish or who would be willing to improve their Spanish in order to serve as volunteers in its projects.

And finally through contributions, either in kind (perhaps in the form of computers, for example) or in monetary donations, are also more than welcome.


More about how to help:

    This page is for monetary donations for our programs . . .

    You may now donate through:



        Of course when you send through PayPal the foundation only gets about $0.70 on the dollar because of PayPal's fees, but it is still a wonderful way to contribute if you don't want the bother of having to send something in the mail.

        You are also invited to participate by sending a money order or cashiers check to Fred Frazelle.  Address:  P. O. Box 5709, Calexico, Ca., 92232.

           Please make all payments out to Fred Frazelle and they will be deposited to the Anisa Foundations' account in Mexico.  Since we are not registered in the U.S., individuals who donate will be unable to make tax deductions.  However, if you are interested in making a tax deductible donation, please drop us an e-mail since we do have a friendly 501-c (3) tax-exempt foundation in the U.S. who has said that they would be willing to receive funds and to provide tax-exempt receipts.

        We appreciate very much your sacrifice on behalf of our programs.